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What now for UK-France security relations?

France Business 2018/01/18 at 6:00 PM

Building on the Lancaster House agreement of 2010 between the two countries’ then leaders, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy, a landmark summit is now being held between Theresa May and President Macron of France.

With the UK’s looming departure from the EU, Brexit, trade and migration will inevitably feature in their discussions.

The French president has been pushing for Britain to accept more migrants from Calais and to pay more towards the upkeep of the two countries’ joint Channel border controls.

Historically, this annual summit has always been about security and this year is no exception.

The continuing threat from the Islamic State group, the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and West Africa, Russia’s actions in the Baltics and Ukraine and the emergence of transatlantic differences over certain key issues such as Iran, are all reminders of the need to shore up bilateral ties between London and Paris, ahead of Brexit.

Britain may be leaving the EU but it will remain a heavyweight partner for France when it comes to security issues.


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