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Summer, Sea … 44 Beaches – Accessible to People with Disabilities

Bulgaria Tourism 2018/05/25 at 5:30 PM

This summer people with disabilities will have access to 44 beaches along the Black Sea coast.

This was promised by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova.

She assured that the establishment of the necessary conditions and the guarantees of their full participation in all spheres of public life is a priority of the Cabinet and people are actively working on the issue.

“After several meetings with disabled people’s organizations, we have obligated tenants of beaches to take action this summer, so that 44 beach beaches have to be equipped with removable paths for people with disabilities,” the minister said.

Yet not all of the Bulgarian beaches can be accessed because of the different geographic features.

An additional training for rescuers is needed to be able to guarantee the safety and lives of people with disabilities.

“Not only with the seashore but also with the sea currents we have to comply,” added Angelkova.

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