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Leading British Media Open a Technology Center in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Business 2018/11/04 at 3:19 AM

After at the end of May this year the respected British financial magazine Financial Times said it would unveil a technology center in Bulgaria, it is now clear that more media from the UK will follow this step.

British branch of US giant News Corp, which is behind The Times, The Sun and The Sunday Times,

has launched a partnership with Bulgarian Questers to build software teams in Bulgaria that will have a strategic role in the digital media transformation.

The technology division of News UK is undertaking a grand project to upgrade the technologies used by the group.

Its main goal is to build a new, flexible and efficient digital platform to support the work of editors and journalists and meet the reader’s requirements.

The goal of collaborating with Questers is to rapidly create and expand a fully integrated News Technology division to accelerate the digital transformation process of the company.

The Bulgarian company was chosen as a strategic partner as a result of its proven long-standing experience in the creation, management and integration of large high-performance teams for international companies in Sofia’s technology park, including Accenture and Ocado Technology.

“Questers has proven to be the leading accelerator for the strategic expansion of technology capabilities in the region, creating exciting new opportunities for software engineers.”

Bulgaria’s presence on the global IT card is the result of many years of efforts by the talent development industry and the creation of a high- global ecosystem, “said Alexander Dranagov, CEO of the company.

News UK originated more than 200 years ago with the emergence of The Times – one of the world’s emblematic editions.

“We are excited to work with Questers for the rapid expansion of our digital teams in Bulgaria, and we have great ambitions to change our processes in creating, testing and delivering exclusive digital products and services to our users through revolutionary technologies,” said Paul Wilson, Programmer and Portfolio Director of News UK. The Technological Center will reveal more new jobs and Questers is already looking for qualified staff.

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