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How to join us


– The main benefit for the members is the opportunity to form business connections and to enable them to explore business opportunities in UK and Bulgaria
– Networking opportunities via meetings
– Members only yearly Gala dinner
– Access to other organizations, business clubs, etc.
– Business opportunities via exchange of ideas

– Access to seminars, culture events, monthly parties

– Discounts on legal, accounting and business consultancy services from our members
– BBC Breaking News Newsletter-sent by e-mail to all members only-every day
Bulgarian Business Magazine-sent by e-mail to all members only-every month.

BBC is a home for innovators and connectors to come together; a place to meet, share and create, a place where the entrepreneurial can come to make things happen.

Members will be notified of all events by personal email and most will also appear on this website.

Membership has grown significantly with new members joining BBC and existing members coming into contact with new “eligible” colleagues and clients, and so it goes on.

If you are reading this, chances are someone you know is an active member of BBC!

Individual Membership-£120/year

Corporate Membership-£180/year

Student Membership-£12/year

For how to become a member, click here.