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HH Shaikh Isa bin Ali praised by voluntary project award winners

Bahrain Business, Gulf Business 2017/09/02 at 9:40 PM

Laureates of the Best Voluntary Project in Bahrain have expressed their joy over winning the award, patronised by the Bahrain Basketball Association (BBA) and the Good Word Society Honorary President, HH Shaikh Isa bin Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa.

They asserted that the award encourages youth and voluntary teams to be dedicated in the service of their community.

They credited HH Shaikh Isa bin Ali with the continuous and outstanding success of the award.

They lauded the efforts of the Good Word Society in organising the award for the third year in a row within the HH Shaikh Isa bin Ali Voluntary Work Award, noting the increasing number of participants, reaching 45 this year, proves the recognition of the Bahraini society of its importance and its clear positive impact.

They also affirmed that the distribution of the award at the Arab League headquarters on provides an opportunity for the winners to meet regional and Arab voluntary work experts, and convey Bahrain’s volunteerism efforts and message.

The winners of award were the Future Youth Society’s “Smile” initiative to support children with cancer and their parents, the Bahrain Society for Women Development’s “We Will not Be Silent” campaign to protect children from sexual harassment, and the “Choice” team’s “The Grandfather’s House” project aiming to strengthen family cohesion and clarify differences among generations.


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