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Bulgarian PM Borisov will go on a Visit with Pope Francis

Bulgaria Diplomacy 2018/05/25 at 7:30 PM

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov will meet with the head of the Roman Catholic Church on May 24th.

Today the prime minister leaves for a visit to Rome and tomorrow (May 25th) will be received by Pope Francis in the Vatican.

This was announced by the government information service, quoted by FOCUS News Agency.

The occasion is the celebration of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Slavonic Scripture.

The Bulgarian delegation, led by Borisov, includes representatives of religious denominations in Bulgaria, the academic community and cultural figures.

The meeting with Pope Francis will be attended by the Western and Central European Metropolitan of BPC Antony, the President of BAS Academician Julian Revalski, the Rectors of the University of National and World Economy Prof. Statue Stattev and the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius “Prof. Hristo Bondzholov, the director of the Institute for Historical Studies at BAS, Assoc. Prof. Daniel Vachkov, the director of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra Naiden Todorov and the head of the National School of Applied Mathematics Teodosi Theodosiev. Their participation in the visit is a recognition of their achievements and is an expression of the importance the Bulgarian government attaches to education, science and culture.

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