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Bulgaria Celebrates Tsvetnitsa also Known as Palm Sunday

Bulgaria Business 2018/04/01 at 2:30 PM

Today, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Christian holiday of Tsvetnitsa(Flower’s Day).

It is traditionally always a week before Easter and is one of the important spring holidays. It is dedicated to the solemn reception of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem with olive and laurel twigs.

Today celebrates all who bear names of flowers and plants. On the occasion of the Palm Sunday in the capital His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit will head a liturgy in the cathedral “St. Alexander Nevsky. “The service will begin at 9.30 am.

Palm Sunday is a moving moving holiday that is popular and worshiped by Eastern Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants.

It is celebrated one week before Easter, on Sunday after Lazarovden. It is also called Vrabnitsa, Color Sunday, Kuklinden or Palm Sunday. It is always celebrated on the sixth Sunday of the Great Fast.

Today prayer is served in the church and blessed willow branches. They are given to the believers, and everyone takes them to their home for health. The twig branches symbolize the palm, with which was greeted in Jerusalem Jesus Christ.

Palm Sunday is also the day when fish is allowed during the fasting period.

In the celebration of flowering name day celebrate all who bear names of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. Among them are Kamelia, Kremena, Tsena, Tsone, Tsvetan, Varban, Varbinka, Violeta, Zdravko, Zdravka, Lilia, Latinka, Temenujka, Tsveta, Tsvetanka, Tsvetelina, Yasen, Yavor and others.

The week that begins on Monday after the Palm Sunday is called the Holy Week.


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