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4,000 Hong Kong bus drivers will work to rule

Hong Kong Business 2018/05/25 at 8:54 AM

Hong Kong commuters have been urged to set off early on Friday morning, as an estimated 4,000 bus drivers will join a work-to-rule action in protest at a government decision resulting in maximum work hours being cut with no compensation.

Sources familiar with the situation said the Transport Department had lobbied protest organiser the Federation of Bus Industry Trade Unions – which represents about 2,000 drivers from the city’s three largest franchised bus companies, KMB, Citybus and New World First Bus – but to no avail.

Federation chairman Sze Man-wai said drivers had no choice but to stick to work rules as the department failed to show any intention to discuss a working hours guideline it announced in February.

The federation had asked whether the department would discuss its request to make the lost work hours payable, and when such discussions would take place.

“The department has been wishy-washy,” Sze said on Thursday.

“We have not been so tough on it, but it just won’t give us a clear answer on what we are asking for – a schedule to discuss our request.”

Source : SCMP | Photo credit : Google

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